The Santa Susanna Cycling Club was formed more than twenty years ago.

It is made up of boys and girls, men and women who are enthusiastic about both mountain and road cycling. Its members are knowledgeable of all the paths and trails around Santa Susanna, the Montnegre i Corredor Natural Park and the Comarca de la Selva.

They also know the gastronomy in the area where they ride.

Club activities are concentrated on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Calls for departures are between 8 and 9 in the morning. The routes are varied both in distance, time (4 to 6 hours), and in the accumulated difference in level and technical difficulty. Issues that are decided by mutual agreement at the agreed time for departure.

Visitors to the village of Santa Susanna, those staying in hotels, campsites or cottages have the opportunity to share these outings.

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WhatsApp: +34 629142229


The Santa Susanna Cycling School is a project born in 2021, to spread cycling to children between 5 and 16 years old. The School aims to promote the sport of cycling as a personal and social development for children and young people. That is why we want to create an ideal space for learning and improving the technique of cycling; a relationship space to share experiences, transmit values ​​and skills.

Sport has a lot of advantages for today's society, when we are children is when it should be encouraged, encouraging grassroots sports through school sports, where children will reaffirm the idea of ​​the practice of sport as a resource to occupy their leisure time, obtaining a better quality of life and, therefore, in the long run, a healthier society.

In the case of our school, we promote cycling, not only in the competitive field, but for the values ​​that this sport offers (sacrifice, work, etc.) and to provide a service, taking into account the increase in use of the bicycle, teaching current and future users some rules of road safety, a technique to be able to ride a bike safely and making sports a way of life.

We offer a wide range of sports, giving global training to children, practicing different types of cycling, so that, once they reach adolescence, they can specialize, if they so wish, in a specific sport. We want to introduce children to a complete sport with well-established rules of conduct and training in Olympic sport.

As a school, we practice, depending on the time of year, the specialties of mountain biking, road, cyclo-cross and track, extracting, from each modality, what we think is most appropriate for the learning of our boys and girls.

We also want to get socially involved in our immediate environment, which is why we offer special prices for large families, and also collaborate with other entities related to the city and cycling.

The school is run by local athlete Esther Villaret, who has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFE).